Monday, January 1, 2007


Gaia Online's Scion Contest
The winners of the Scion auto item contest are in! There are four new items available in Sam's Body & Parts:

The Cardboard Box: Devoted gearhead Reiji Maeda is a familiar face in the Scion Forum, so we're glad to see his hoboesque Cardboard Box paintjob in the shops. Says he: "This paint or side decal will make the entire car look like its actually home made with just cardboard and duct tape."
My Last words for 2008 by veilsidefun

I'm glad I made a difference! =]

MC3 WANGAN C1 - With Evo VIII by TokyoXtremeDrifter
"Dedicated To An Amazing Driver aka My Twin, Reiji =] Hope you liked it Bro XD"

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